• It takes a community
    To look after a child

  • Doing better for kids is
    everyone's business

  • Be a Buddy
    Speak up
    for kids

  • Get Involved
    Make a difference

Buddy Day is about
doing altogether better for kids. 

Every child deserves a great childhood.

Our futures begin with - and depend on - our kids, and they need all the help we can give them. This affects you, your family, your business, your community: our country.

Doing better for kids is everyone's business.

That's why we're sending thousands of life-size cardboard 'children' into the community for the day: to raise awareness, start conversations and drive change about the role every adult plays in the lives of kids - from preventing child abuse to providing great environments for kids to flourish.

You can read more about exactly how Buddy Day works here. 

Buddy Day is back in 2015! 
Friday November 13th. 

Buddy is issuing a challenge to you!

We think that everyone can do one thing better for kids in their lives.

Buddy Day is your opportunity to do better for kids. So, what one thing will YOU do better for kids in your field of view - today, this week or this year? Find examples here...

Act now to create a future we all want. 

Adopt a Buddy HERE 

Register to be a Buddy Carer on November 13th in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Ruapehu.

Join us for one of our Buddy Day Breakfast Events on Friday 13th November HERE

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